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SuikaSulk Nanatsuiro drops

Post by luvtpiya on Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:10 pm

Episode : 1-12 [END]
Genre : Fantasy,Magical,Romance
Hoshigaoka,Maikata City, is called the town nearest to the stars in the world.

Tsuwabuki Masaharu is a shy but normal boy who goes to the only school in Hoshigaoka. When he moves to the upper grade and changes class, he finds it difficult to talk to his new classmates whom he had never spoken to before.

One day in May, Masaharu's life changes completely.

Due to a mysterious juice he happens to drink, he turns into a little stuffed sheep doll whenever the sun goes down. The only way to undo this phenomena is to collect the seven colored Drops of the Stars, and the only person who can do so is a special girl chosen by a special wand. That girl is his classmate Akihime Sumomo.

She is one of his classmates whom he has never spoken to before. Further, if she discovers who the doll really is, his condition will become permanent. Shy boy Iwabuki Masaharu by day, and sheep doll Yuki-chan by night, a new page of a strange book begins.
komentar : keren banget nih anime,memang sih comedynya sangat sedikit tapi bagi penggemar fantasy + romance keren banget nih anime,pembuat anime ini ada hubungan dengan shakugan no shana jadi jalannya mengarah ke magic magic,juga chara perempuan di anime ini rata" LOLIS AKIHIME CHAAAAAN Love2 walaupun ada yurinya juga,pokoknya keren Thumb

Opening:Shining Star Bless Download
Ending: Moo Download
-Episode 1 Download
-Episode 2 Download
-Episode 3 Download
-Episode 4 Download
-Episode 5 Download
-Episode 6 Download
-Episode 7 Download
-Episode 8 Download
-Episode 9 Download
-Episode 10 Download
-Episode 11 Download
-Episode 12 [END] Download


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